Keeping your money safe is extremely important to us. If you come across any questionable transactions on your account or have any security concerns, let us know.

  • Scam Alert

    A customer recently fell victim to an online scam where a web based Financial Planner provided some recommended investment opportunities overseas. The customer researched the investment firms and sent them initial investments using their VISA Debit Card and through International Funds Transfer via Netbanking. The customer continued to make investments over a number of days and allowed the scammers to gain remote access to their computer and Netbanking. Here they made a series of further transactions totalling almost $30,000. Our Fraud detection services and practices enabled us to save these Netbanking transactions, however the earlier transactions were unable to be recovered. Our customer believed all along this was legitimate, despite several warning signs and questions from our fraud services area. This serves as a reminder to always be diligent when conducting transactions and protecting yourself online. If you don’t know the other party you should ask further questions to make sure everything is right. If uncertain you can always call us to discuss any concerns before you conduct a transaction. Never allow someone remote access to your computer, and particularly to your Netbanking.

  • Fraud Management

    24/7 Fraud Monitoring

    Together with Orion – our supplier of fraud management services – we have a sophisticated card monitoring program in place to provide additional security to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while you’re at home or travelling overseas.

    Orion monitors your usual card spending activity and is able to quickly identify any unusual spending patterns with the aim of preventing attempts by others to use your card.


    What happens if there has been a unauthorised transaction on my card?

    If Orion detects suspicious or unusual spending behaviour on your card they will contact you via phone and email to confirm the transaction was genuine before putting a stop on your card.

    It is very important that you ensure your details with us are up to date and correct and that you notify us if you are travelling overseas as your card may be blocked if we are unaware of your plans to travel abroad.


    Remember we will never:

    • Ask you for your NetBanking login or credit card details via phone or email
    • Use email to send you a link to the NetBanking login page
    • Ask you to disclose your password to us in any form


    Avoiding Scams

    For more info about how to identify and avoid scams, check out

  • Tokens

    Security Tokens

    Security tokens are available to provide enhanced security when accessing your accounts online via NetBanking or your mobile.

    There are two types of security tokens available:

    • SMS token (for customers with accounts with daily access limits above or below $2,000); and
    • VIP Access tokens (for customers with accounts with daily access limits above $2,000)


    SMS Token

    If you would like access to enhanced security when accessing your accounts via NetBanking or mobile banking you can enable the SMS token facility.

    The SMS security token can be enabled by all customers, no matter what your daily access limit amount is set at.


    VIP Access Token

    If your daily transaction limit is more than $5,000, or you would like to increase your daily limit to more than $5,000 you will be required to use either the SMS token or a VIP Access token to access your accounts online via NetBanking or mobile banking.

    The VIP Access token is available via a mobile application or token that can be attached to your keyring.

    The VIP Access token provides you with a unique security code that you can use in addition to your username and password when logging into NetBanking or mobile banking. The use of a secondary security device increases safety and security when accessing your accounts online.

  • NetBanking & Mobile App Security

    There are a few things you can do to protect your security when banking online.

    • Check that the site is secure – When logging into NetBanking look out for the closed padlock symbol at the bottom or top right corner. You will also notice that the web address in the address bar will begin with ‘https://’.
    • Always access the SCCU website directly. Don’t click on links in emails or SMS’s to get to the SCCU website or NetBanking login page.
    • Log out after using NetBanking – Always click on the ‘Logout’ button and close the browser when you have finished using NetBanking. Simply closing the browser when you are done may not log you out of NetBanking completely.
    • Choose secure access codes – When choosing your password try to make sure it is as unique as possible. Don’t use your birthday or the name of your pet.
    • Remember never to disclose your password to anyone.
    • Ensure you have adequate protection against Virus’s (including Trojan) and Malware on your PC/Phone.
  • Disputed Transactions and Chargeback Guidelines

    If you have a disputed transaction on your account, contacting the merchant involved can often be the quickest way to solve the issue. If this isn’t suitable or you’re not satisfied with the outcome, contact us and we can start the chargeback process on your behalf where the right to a chargeback exists.

    To enable this, you’ll need to get in touch within 45 days from the transaction date.  If the transaction is an unauthorised transaction, contact us as soon as possible

    For more info on chargeback rights and disputed transactions, get in touch.