SCCU account feeds can be integrated with both MYOB and Xero accounting software to reduce the manual data entry usually required to reconcile accounts. If you use either of these systems and would like to set up your SCCU account feed, use the below links to get started.


Account feeds allow information from SCCU to be sent straight to AccountRight so you can save time on your data entry. They’re included with an AccountRight subscription and can be used with both online and offline company files.

Connect to MYOB


Xero Feed

  • Get bank transactions from SCCU automatically imported into Xero
  • Transactions will appear in Xero every Tuesday to Saturday by 2am (AEST)
  • Add your bank accounts in Xero, check they’re eligible, then apply by application form
  • Your feed will start within 10 working days

Connect to Xero

  • ABA Uploads

    Australian Banking Association (ABA) files are used to make payments to multiple other bank accounts. They’re often used by businesses to pay their employees.

    An ABA file can be generated from within the payment module of Xero and MYOB accounting software using the following details:

    • Financial Institution Code: SNX
    • APCA/Direct Entry ID: 440000

    The file can then be uploaded into your Net Banking by:

    • Selecting Payments Menu > Multiple Transfers
    • Click Upload
    • Choose file (Browse to the ABA file exported from Xero or MYOB)
    • Enter a Batch Description to identify the batch in NetBanking for scheduling
    • Enter a Reference to appear on the transactions in your statement
    • Uncheck [Post as Total] so the transactions are each listed separately to allow reconciliation with the transaction fee
    • Click Upload
    • Schedule the batch transfer on the Multiple Transfers page.