Star Saver – Grow your money with us!

Earn interest up to 5.00%pa^ with our Star Saver account.

Enjoy the benefits of having a Star Saver, the savings account linked to our Easy Access transactional account:

  • Bonus interest paid where the account balance increases by at least $200 for the calendar month;
  • Unlimited transactions;
  • Mobile app and NetBanking access;
  • Funds are electronically accessible 24/7;
  • Apply online now

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Little Star Saver – Our savings account for kids

Earn up to 5.00%pa* in interest when saving with Little Star Saver, our kids account.

We will deposit a $5 incentive when you make your first deposit in the first month of your account, plus:

  • No monthly account fees;
  • Mobile app and Netbanking access;
  • Personalised support via phone or when visiting our Financial Service Centres
  • Apply online

Star Saver – Controlled Money Account (Solicitors Only)

Open a Star Saver – Controlled Money Account and earn interest up to 1.45%pa~ for investments up to $1.5M per account.

Some of the Star Saver – Controlled Money Account (Solicitors Only) features:

  • Mobile app and NetBanking access;
  • Accounts established under the exclusive control of the law practice;
  • All statements and account correspondence sent to the law practice.

Check our TMD and Rate Schedule below, and contact us for more information.

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Star Saver
Standard Rate
Bonus Rate^
Star Saver
  • Make unlimited transactions
  • Monthly account fee waived for under 21’s; account balance remains over $3k; or over $30k total in deposits and/or loans with us^
Little Star Saver
Standard Rate
Bonus Rate*
Little Star Saver
  • No minimum deposit requirements
  • Newborn to 14 years old eligible
  • Funds are electronically accessible 24/7
To better manage your money, explore the tools and links below:

Register for our NetBanking to manage your accounts online.

Download our SCCU App and set your savings goal.

Check the money management tool Frollo.

Visit the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s website at

  • The Little Details

    Products issued by Southern Cross Credit Union Ltd. Any advice given is of a general nature only and is not based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation and needs. To decide if a product is right for you, please refer to the Summary of Accounts, Access Facilities and Transaction Limits. To help you better asses if these products are right for you please reach out to our team or read through our Target Market Determinations (TMD), designed to help you make an informed decision that is consistent with your objectives, financial situations and needs. Deposits up to $250,000 per account holder are guaranteed by the Federal Government under the Financial Claims Scheme.

    Ability to accept direct credits.

    Eligibility criteria, fees and charges, terms and conditions apply.


    ^Star Saver: Standard account fee of $6 per month is waived for under 21’s; if your account balance remains over $3k; or if you have over $30k total in deposits and/or loans with us.
    Advertised offer is for customers with an increase in savings of $200 or more, per calendar month, who will receive an additional 3.75% pa (Bonus interest) for the month where such balance growth was achieved. The Standard Star Saver Rate, currently 1.25% pa, applies where minimum growth was not achieved. Offer is not available in conjunction with previous offers. TMD available.


    *Little Star Saver available for children aged 14 and under. Limited to one account per child. Account must be established in the child’s name. Where no withdrawals are made in a calendar month the bonus rate of interest will be applied. Where a withdrawal is made during the calendar month the interest payable for that month will only be the standard base interest rate. The bonus rate is only payable on the first $50,000 balance. Additional balances over $50,000 will only receive the standard base interest rate of 1.25%pa. A one-off $5 deposit will be made by SCCU for new customers only, paid the 1st day of the following calendar month and is subject to the customer making an initial deposit in the same calendar month of opening.  TMD available.


    ~Star Saver – Controlled Money Account: Eligible customers who opened a Star Saver – Controlled Money Account (Solicitors Only) between 12th of June 2023 and 26th of July 2023 received a bonus introductory interest rate of 3.60%p.a. for 6 months on new money deposited in addition to the standard interest rate. After the introductory period expires, the interest rate you will earn will revert to the standard rate, currently 1.45% p.a. Account balance capped at $1.5 Million. TMD available.

Shane provided amazing customer service from start to finish. He was extremely knowledgeable, respectful, and attended to every detail of the process with thoroughness and professionalism. This kind of customer service is almost unheard of these days, so it was an absolute delight to work with Shane. The interest rate on my company car was fantastic and the terms of the loan were both fair and reasonable. I 100% recommend Shane and Southern Cross Credit Union for obtaining financing for a vehicle and wouldn't use anyone else for my business going forward. Thanks to Shane and his team!
Joanna Tedeschi
Previously we were not advocates of the banking industry, we were strong non-believers after some disappointing & negative experiences. Many locals referred us to Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU) and after much encouragement we moved our banking business to the SCCU Tweed City Branch. We are now strong believers as we have been in the extremely efficient, effective and supportive hands of SCCU loans manager Stephen Distant. What an asset! Stephen has totally reframed our banking experience, we are genuinely impressed with his ability to do this by managing our loans. Even after many years as a SCCU client, Stephen's dedication with helping us has not died down, his loyalty remains nothing short of inspiring and his willingness to provide outstanding customer service is something we are in awe of. Moving our accounts to SCCU was a great decision, thanks to Stephen Distant.
Rod and Suzy Cornelius
As COVID hit some 3 years ago, I approached SCCU to re-align our financial position at both a personal and professional level with our business. Not only were your team receptive but with the assistance of SCCU not only did we make our way through COVID closures, but due to the support of SCCU we have evolved into an extremely sound business, and I would suggest a success story of the community banking that SCCU continues to deliver.
Thank you for the support you offer to us as a local business and us as a local family of the area. Thank you, the entire team, at SCCU for being such an awesome part of the community whilst also being a great business to align with.
Rachael has been outstanding in helping my wife and I purchase our new home in Gladstone Central Qld, Rachael also helped us 3 years ago purchase an investment property which we still have. We lived on the Tweed Coast for 14 years and have always banked with SCCU, even though we relocated to Central Qld 6 years ago. The reason we remain with SCCU rather than be attracted by one of the Big Banking companies is the excellent customer service and great attitude of the SCCU team. Even with the distance and us both working in very busy jobs, Rachael made the job of purchasing our new property stress free and straight forward, all the time nothing was a hassle for her. I wanted to let you know that your staff are excellent, and as always I will continue to recommend you to the many friends I have in the Tweed area and elsewhere.      
Peter & Melissa
We chose to bank with our local SCCU for many reasons. The staff are very cheerful and helpful. It is an enjoyable in-branch experience at a convenient location. Opening hours are longer than most other banks in our area and they are open every weekday. We bank exclusively with SCCU for our personal, business and children's accounts. We have always been happy with their customer service and have recommended SCCU to our local sports club and school
Tony & Alisha
We have been with SCCU for over 45 Years and for the last 24 of them with our business as well. The staff are amazing people to do your banking with and the loans division make every buying and selling experience so easy. Our little hiccups have never been a drama for the staff to help us solve and nothing is ever too much trouble to help us along the way to building our business through banking. Their rates are always competitive and we would never consider another bank or financial institution for all our needs. Loyal staff and loyal friends = Best Bank Ever.
Neil & Kathalina
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