Everyone banks differently, and with SCCU, you've got options for how you access your money. Whether it's tap and go, keeping track using the app or staying informed with the security alerts, below are the most common ways to help you with your banking.

Pay Your Way

Access your money anywhere, anytime, using your Apple or Android device. Simply set up your SCCU card, tap, and pay your way through the day.

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Pay Your Way
Mobile Banking App

Download our Mobile Banking App to manage your accounts, cards and payees straight from your mobile phone.

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Mobile Banking App

Register for NetBanking to manage your accounts, cards and payees straight from your laptop or desktop computer.


100% Recyclable Visa Debit Card

Use money from your transaction account anywhere Visa is accepted. You can withdraw money using ATMs and make payments with Visa Paywave.

Apply for Visa Checkout
100% Recyclable Visa Debit Card

We have now partnered with Frollo, one of Australia’s leading money management apps.

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Below are some helpful frequently asked questions to help you get started. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to call our team on 1300 360 744, pop into a Financial Service Centre or Contact Us using the below.

  • Mobile App

    Add and Edit Payees and Biller details

    When viewing your accounts, select ‘Manage Payees’ in the ‘Payments’ menu, tap the Payee or Biller you’d like to edit and follow the prompts.

    View SCCU Products

    Select the Products tile to view information about SCCU products and services.

    Savings Goal

    Saving for a holiday? A wedding? A new home? Set up a savings goal and stay on track!

    My Face ID no longer works on this upgrade

    When downloading new Version,  you will need to uninstall and re-install the App, as Face-ID is now a separate feature and setting.

    How do I know if I’m logged in

    If your welcome screen says “Welcome name” with a last login time and date, and a ‘logout’ button you are logged in – simply navigate to the main menu or quick access buttons at the bottom of the screen to manage your banking.

    I cannot progress past the ‘login’ page

    Try to uninstall and re-install the App. If this does not fix the error please call our customer service centre. This error is occurring primarily for customers with an Alphanumeric (SURNAMEXX) rather than a numeric login (Customer Number).

    Do I need my customer number and password to reinstall?

    Yes, you will need your Netbanking login details. You can call our customer service centre if you’re having any trouble with logins

  • Netbanking

    I’ve forgotten my password.

    Contact us on 1300 360 744 or 02 6672 2744 during business hours (Mon-Tues, Thu-Fri 9am-5pm, Wed 9:30am-5pm) and we will provide you with a temporary password. To restore complete security you will be required to change the temporary password on your first visit to the site.

    Can I open accounts online?

    Yes, you can open Transaction and Savings accounts online via NetBanking. Once you have logged in simply go to Accounts in the top menu, select New Savings Account and follow the instructions.

    I need to activate my debit card.

    You can now activate your debit card online. Log in to NetBanking and go to Services & Help in the Top Menu, select Card Activation and enter the details of your card

    When I go to the login page, it just comes up blank. How can I login?

    Try using a different browser, for example, Mozilla Firefox. You may also need to adjust your privacy settings, see below.

    When I try to login a message immediately says my session has expired.

    Your privacy settings may be set too high. The privacy setting determines how cookies are handled on your computer. If you have changed your privacy settings from the default medium setting, you will need to go back into Internet Options and change the settings back to default. The login page and password function should then operate correctly.

    Cookies must be enabled to use the site. Our server uses cookies to protect the security of your NetBanking session. If you continue to have problems after enabling cookies, try a different browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

    I can’t download my account statement.

    Statement downloads use a popup window. You must adjust your browser settings to enable popups from the NetBanking site.

    How much can I transfer through NetBanking?

    To limit the potential impact of fraudulent transactions NetBanking is limited to $5,000 per day. To increase this amount you will need to use enable a security token to access your account. Find out more by calling us on 1300 360 744 or 02 6672 2744 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 9.30am and 5.00pm Wednesday (Public Holidays excepted).

    Still experiencing difficulties?

    If you are still experiencing difficulties using NetBanking, please call us on 1300 360 744 or 02 6672 2744

  • Visa Debit Card

    Card lost or stolen?

    Think your card may be lost or stolen? Call 1800 621 199 (Australia Only). Overseas? Find the number you need here.

    Visa Checkout

    VISA Checkout is a secure way to conveniently pay online.

    Speed through online checkouts by clicking the VISA Checkout button and sign in with your email address and password. Just confirm your payment preferences, click pay and you’re done!

    With VISA Checkout you can use your VISA Debit or any other major credit or debit card through a single service.

    To help you better asses if these products are right for you please reach out to our team or read through our Target Market Determinations (TMD), designed to help you make an informed decision that is consistent with your objectives, financial situations and needs.


    How do I get my 100% recycled Visa Debit Card?

    The recycled debit cards are sent to new customers and existing customers when you require card replacement due to expiration or being lost/stolen. You can read more about the recycled cards here.

Latest Security Alerts

We want you to feel safe, secure and in control. Visit the SCCU Security Centre to learn more about safeguarding your data and what we’re doing to protect you, your accounts and  your money.

SCCU Security Centre