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Your feedback helps save lives at Our Kids foundation.

We are so grateful and proud to have our customers contribute their valuable time and provide open feedback in our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. We take all comments seriously which allows us to gain deeper insights into opportunities for improvement and how we can all continue to shape, grow, and guide our business together.


Customer social responsibility

This year our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey received an 80% rate for overall Customer Satisfaction. Amongst the results, customer service and the ease of banking with us were again rated as the key drivers of recommending us to others.

The two main areas where there were opportunities for improvement, was to make our loan application process easier and to look at introducing real time payments.

Two initiatives that we have underway and are investing in. You can learn more about these current projects we’re working on in our latest Annual Report.


How has your donation helped Our Kids

Every year we match each completed survey with a $1 donation to a not-for-profit organisation as part of our commitment to our customers and social responsibility. This year we were thrilled to donate $1,646 to the Our Kids foundation, who do such important work to improve health services for children in the Northern Rivers.

Customer social responsibility

The foundation uses donations from the community to purchase paediatric equipment that helps children and babies stay local when needing medical care. The key areas for these donations and equipment go to Lismore Base Hospital, Tweed Hospital, Grafton Hospital, and the surrounding satellite Northern Rivers hospitals.

Through community donations, Our Kids has been able to purchase excess of $2.3 million of paediatric equipment for these local hospitals.


This year’s donation on behalf of our customers has been used to start the fundraising for a Resusci Baby QCPR Airway Head mannequin for Lismore Base Hospitals Children’s Ward. This piece of equipment is very important as Lismore Base Hospital sees over 10,000 children per year with over 2,000 of them admitted into Children’s ward alone.

It was so humbling and rewarding to be able to help financially to Our Kids highlighting how important our customers voice is for our community and social responsibility impact and our financial success.

Overall, we’re very happy with the level of engagement and results from both the survey and the donation we were able to provide to Our Kids. A massive thank you to everyone involved!

Learn more about actions taken from last years’ feedback and other initiatives in our latest Annual Report.

Quick Reminder: We do this every year with every completed survey being matched by us with a donation to a non-for-profit organisation to help give back to our community. We encourage all customers to get involved by providing valued feedback while contributing to the overall community impact.

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