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Hey guys, I'm the Marketing Specialist here at Southern Cross Credit Union.  Aside from working with SCCU, I'm an avid traveller and photographer, have a young family based in the Northern Rivers and like many of you, am yet to own my own home.  I write based on what I know and experience, but draw on a great team of experts and friends to help provide information outside of my knowledge.  Hopefully you find value in what I write and feel free to drop us a line for more info or discussion at

Community Grants 2018/19 Recipients Announced

SCCU Community Grants
​ Once again we have to thank all our amazing local organisations, groups, projects and teams for participating in our Community Grants applications. We received over 85 eligible applications from all across the Northern Rivers and together they promoted their causes to the public, attracting over 6,000 in-branch and online votes. Each applicant ha...
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Southern Cross Credit Union Voted Best in Professional Service 3 Years in a Row

3 in a Row for SCCU
For a third year in a row, Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU) have been awarded for Excellence in Professional Service at the Norther Rivers Regional Business awards held by the NSW Business Chamber. "It's been a very big year for SCCU as we continue to show that local, customer owned banking can make a real difference to our customers and our comm...
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Supporting iOnTheFuture 5

With the rapid changes technology brings to everything from the jobs market to how we consume and experience entertainment, teachers everywhere are tasked with preparing students for an unknown future.  On August 25th, we will be supporting Banora Point Public School Principal, Paul Taylor's vision to tackle this tough subject! The latest...
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How Much do I Need for a Home Loan Deposit?

Trying to get a deposit together can mean knuckling down and saving hard for a while. It might mean having less of your favourite things, or even living with the parents until you've reached that goal. So at what point can you breathe a sigh of relief and start looking for your new home? How Much do I Need for a Deposit? Ideally you will have ...
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Dealing with Unauthorised Transactions

Have you ever come across a transaction on your bank account that you don't recognise? Sometimes these mystery transactions turn out to be legitimate, but other times they don't. Having an unauthorised transaction appear on your account can be a worrying experience, particularly if you're unsure whether you'll ever see your money again. What i...
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Paid the Wrong Account: What Now?

Mistaken Internet Payments
Did you know that if you make a Mistaken Internet Payment, there is a real risk of losing your money, regardless of who you bank with? What is a Mistaken Internet Payment? ​ A Mistaken Internet Payment happens when you transfer money to an unintended recipient using the 'Pay Anyone' function in NetBanking. It may occur because you were provided wit...
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What do Comparison Rates Tell us?

Understanding Comparison Rates
Comparison rates help us to compare loan products. They are designed to enable us to compare apples with apples, when it comes to the total cost of lending products, but unfortunately they don't paint the whole picture. What is a Comparison Rate? A comparison rate provides a simplified way to compare the effective cost of a loan product against oth...
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SCCU raises over $5,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation

On Sunday, Southern Cross Credit Union hosted a Greatest Shave Event at Kingscliff Beach Hotel. More than 100 people turned out to witness and participate in a procession of mass hair shaving and colouring in support of the Leukaemia Foundation. With contributions flowing in through sponsorships, raffles and the auctioning of shaving rights, we man...
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We're Building Something Special for Byron

SCCU Financial Service Centre - Byron Bay
As part of our on-going commitment to invest in the Northern Rivers, we are pleased to announce our existing Byron Branch will undergo a transformation into a brand new Financial Service Centre. Construction  will commence from Monday 27th August, with works expected to wrap-up in early October, when we will be super excited to reveal you...
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Murwillumbah Financial Service Centre Now Open

SCCU Murwillumbah
Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU) opened the doors to their new Murwillumbah Financial Service Centre on Monday December 3rd and locals are already talking.  CEO Stuart Edwards mentioned "Far from a traditional bank branch, a key objective of our design was to create an environment where people feel comfortable within a space that reflects th...
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Ballina Financial Service Centre Now Open

Your new Financial Service Centre in Ballina is now open.  Come down and check out the new facilities; our team will be on hand to  show you around and discuss any questions you may have about your banking needs. As part of our on-going commitment to invest in the Northern Rivers, the existing SCCU branch in Ballina underwe...
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How your TFN can Save you Money!

Piggy Bank
Have you provided your TFN or ABN to your financial institution?  If not, then it's probably costing you money! Did you know that Withholding Tax is applied to interest payments on accounts owned by non-residents of Australia? From the ATO's perspective, if the institution you bank with does not have your Tax File Number (TFN) or ABN assigned ...
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SCCU Presents 2017 Community Grants

Each year we offer three grants to groups working on a project or event that benefits our local communities in the areas of Art & Culture, Education, Sport & Recreation, Environment and Health & Well-being.   As the awarding of our Community Grants for 2017 draws to a close we take a look at the successful recipients and how t...
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SCCU Supporting 2019 Charity Cup

SCCU Supporting 2019 Charity Cup
We are proud to announce our continued support of the Cabarita Charity Cup for 2019.   Each year this non-profit fundraiser raises money for local families,  experiencing financial difficulty through injury or sickness. Attracting thousands of participants and spectators, the Cabarita Charity Cup takes on a new theme each y...
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The Effect of APRA's Recent Lending Measures on Investor Finance

Property Investment
This year has seen significant change in the finance industry, particularly around regulation of interest-only and investment property loans. On 31st March, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) implemented new measures to "reinforce sound residential mortgage lending practices in an environment of heightened risks." These changes t...
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What's Your Credit Score?

Your Credit Score can sometimes be the difference between moving into your dream home and living in a crummy rental for eternity. But do any of us really know what a Credit Score is or what it means?  So, this week I applied for a new credit card. Going through the application process and awaiting the outcome, it prompted me to ask myself, wha...
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Jump on Board the Credit Union Movement!

Does your financial institution really have your best interest at heart? If you get passed from person-to-person a lot, are not provided with clear explanations of important information or your institution invests in projects that harm the environment, then the answer is Probably Not! Look, this can be an undesirable part of the finance industry bu...
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Travel Money – What are My Options?

Travel Map and Equipment
Security. Accessibility. Exchange rates. Hidden costs!  These are all things we worry about when considering how to pay for expenses when travelling overseas. Whether you are a first time traveller or a seasoned nomad, assessing the options available before setting foot on the plane can make a big difference to your travel experience. As with ...
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